Work Experiences

Raoatech IT-Electromech Limited (Contract)

Lagos, Nigeria
DevOps Engineer
Dec 2020 - April 2021

JavaScript, PHP, Linux, Azure, Digital Ocean, Heroku, Docker, Git, GitHub, BitBucket, GitHub CI, Jira

Deployed, configured and maintained compute on Azure Cloud using Terraform.

Automate Deployment and troubleshoot mechanisms for quick service using PowerShell.

Developed PowerShell Scripts and ARM templates to automate provisioning and deployment process.

Used Ansible and Ansible Tower as a configuration management tool to automate repetitive tasks and manage changes eliminating 80% manual work.

Developed and Designed Azure DevOps pipelines to manage resources across multiple subscriptions in Azure.

Work seamlessly with Engineering, QA, and Operations team to effectively manage application code.

Taking ownership of features that range from services provisioning on PaaS/IaaS such as Heroku, Digital Ocean, deployment automation/configuration, GitHub CI, and Nodejs/PHP application development.

Peer code reviews.

Automation Cube LLC (Junior)

Texas, USA
DevOps Engineer
Feb 2019 - Present

Python, Go, Linux, AWS, Terraform, Gitlab, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Git, Trello, Jira

Integrated CI pipeline with configuration management tools for continuous deployments using Github Actions and Jenkins reducing deployment time to less than 10 minutes from 2+hours.

Used Terraform to create a module that launches AWS Kinesis Firehose, AWS SQS and AWS Kinesis Stream and S3 as the destination.

Deployed AWS EC2 in Jenkins.

Used Terraform to create an EC2 Instance that automatically launches an Application Load Balancer.

Used Terraform to create an EC2 Instance that automatically install nginx server through the user data, also i created a module that launches an autoscaling group with one t2.micro.

Wrote a script in Jenkins that sends Notification to Slack Channel on every update on a certain github repository, Using Jenkins i created a job wait for user input before creating an S3 bucket on AWS, Using Jenkins i also created a job that clones and run terraform file from my github repo.

Created buckets in S3 and grant access to user for storage and retrieval of object files for application deployment and ensure the contents.

Built Docker Image in Gitlab.

Used gitlab runner and Black image to Lint some Python code that was uploaded to a Github repo.
what the jobs does is that it check a python file and format this file so that its indented properly.

Using gitlab runner and Docker image i was able to persist the volume of a given file.

Used gitlab runner and Clair-Scanner image to check the vulnerability on Nginx server.

Developed technical documentation, architecture diagrams,and similar.

Peer code reviews.

SecLarm (Freelance)

React Native Engineer
Sep 2020 - Nov 2020

JavaScript, ReactNative, Redux, Linux, Git, Github, Github Actions


Develop a new alarm mobile application on Android and IOS. .
Took initiative in learning react native and went on to successfully develop various features under minimal supervision
Developed the CI/CD pipeline for this application using Github Actions.
Used Redux to store state of app in a singular source.
Peer code reviews.

Expanse Technology (Junior)

Lagos, Nigeria
React Native Engineer
Nov 2019 - Jan 2020

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React Native, Git, Github


ChangeMaker in Slum (CIS) (Intern)

Lund, Sweden
Software Engineer (Python)
Jan 2019 - June 2019

Python, Flask, AWS EC2, AWS Light Sail, Microsoft Excel, MPESA API, Git

Client: Change Maker in Slum

Designed and implemented MVP for SMS keycode system Using Twilio REST API and Python Framework (Flask).

Consumed a payment gateway API (MPESA)and implemented it with the system that was been designed.
used MySQL to create and save data into the company database system.

Tracked down issue with the company’s webpage that had to do with bug in a newly installed plugin. The issue was resolved in less than 24 hours, and I also enabled security check on plugin installation to prevent future occurrence.
Responsible for the code deployment on the staging and Production environment on AWS Services.

I was also introduced to the business aspect of the company as well where i made enquiries on the company's behalf and gave report to them at due time

Peer code reviews.

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Intermediate, 2 years

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Kubernetes Docker Nginx Terraform Ansible Azure CosmosDB GCP Gitlab Jenkins Git


Django Flask

Cross Platform

JavaScript ReactNative


WordPress MySQL MongoDB Markdown



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